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What is the Solar Project?

Environmental Stewardship

As Christians we believe creation is a gracious gift from the hand of a loving God. We are charged to be good stewards of that gift to honor, protect and enjoy it. One of our Core Values at St. Mark’s is to be good stewards of the earth’s resources and to move toward a more sustainable future for our congregation, our families and our world. As the people of God in this place we are initiating New Energy @ St. Mark’s Solar Project as one way that we can begin to take practical and visionary steps toward becoming a good steward of God’s creation and an environmentally aware community of faith.

~Fr. Christopher McLaren

This means we are:

  • Caring for the earth as a faith community
  • Teaching our children our values
  • Creating a sustainable future for St. Mark's
  • Witnessing to our neighborhood
  • Savings on energy for years to come
  • Preventing 928 tons of CO2 from being emitted.

Preventing 928 tons of CO2 emission is equivalent to:

Planting 21,622 trees.

Driving reduced by 1,856,000 auto miles, or 94,656 gallons of gasoline.

Recycling 2,932 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfill.

Displacing CO2 emissions from the annual electric use of 105 homes.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much will the solar system cost?
The anticipated cost of the solar system is approximately $100,000.

What will this buy us?
This will purchase an installed 30 kW photovoltaic system from PPC Solar. This will offset approximately 40% of St. Mark's annual power needs.

How is the solar project being financed?
The majority of the solar system will be financed through the establishment of a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) called New Energy LLC.

How long is the solar system under warrantee?
The solar system is under warrantee for 25 years.

Who will be part of New Energy LLC?
New Energy LLC will be made up of investors from St. Mark's congregation.

Why an LLC?
New Energy LLC will qualify for federal and state tax benefits which will be passed on to the investors. St. Mark's, as a religious non-profit, would not qualify for any tax benefits.

What will it cost to be part of New Energy LLC?
There will be 20 shares in the LLC and each share will cost approximately $5000. Individuals or families can purchase as many shares as they can afford.

If I invest $5000 in New Energy LLC, how much will I get back?
Each investor should earn back approximately $5100 (details below).

How long will New Energy LLC last?
New Energy LLC will be in existence for 8 years.

What happens after New Energy LLC goes away?
At this point the solar system will be fully depreciated and will be donated or sold to St. Mark's. St. Mark's will reap the full benefit of the solar system for the life of the system.

Why is New Energy LLC around for 8 years?
It takes 8 years to fully depreciate the solar system. It will also take 8 years for each LLC investor to earn back their $5000 investment.

How will the LLC investors earn their investment back?
The first, biggest benefit is a 10% NM State and 30% Federal tax rebate in the year the system is installed. So each LLC investor's 2015 taxes will be reduced almost $2000 per share in the LLC.

Will St. Mark's pay New Energy LLC for the power it generates?
Yes. St. Mark's will enter into a contract called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with New Energy LLC. Under the PPA, St. Mark's will pay New Energy LLC $0.10 per kWhr generated by the solar system. Over the life of the LLC, this will add up to approximately $2000 per share.

I've heard about Renewable Energy Credits from PNM. Will New Energy LLC qualify?
Yes. PNM will pay the LLC $0.04 per kWhr generated through the end of 2020. Over the life of the LLC, this will add up to approximately $600 per share.

Will New Energy LLC have any expenses?
Yes. The LLC will have to pay insurance and accounting expenses. Over the life of the LLC, these expenses are estimated to cost approximately $500 per share.

If I'm adding correctly each investor has earned $4100 on their $5000 investment. Are there any other benefits?
Yes. We mentioned depreciation before. Taking into account the depreciation of the solar system, the additional tax benefits from LCC ownership should add up to approximately $1000 per share over the life of the LLC. This assumes that the investor itemizes their deductions and is in the 28% Federal and 5% NM State tax brackets.

How will I know what my tax situation will be?
Each individual's tax circumstances are different. It is recommended that you talk with your accountant (if you have one) or do a little research to make sure you understand whether your tax benefit from LLC participation will be as predicted above.

OK, I'm decided. I want to be a part of New Energy LLC. What next?
There will be New Energy LLC commitment cards coming out soon. Please fill out the card and put it in the collection plate or send it to St. Mark's.

Can I help with the solar project without being a part of New Energy LLC?
Yes. Designated contributions to the church for the solar project will reduce the amount of the cost that must be financed by the LLC. St. Mark's will become a fractional owner of the solar system, which will increase the near term benefits to the church.

How will the church benefit during the 8 years that the LLC is in existence?
The church should save at least $1000 per year (the church has paid PNM $0.12 per kWhr on average; they will be paying the New Energy LLC $0.10 per kWhr). The actual savings will be larger because of reduced power purchased from PNM in higher cost tiers and protection from rising energy costs.

Can New Energy LLC members donate some of their PPA and REC payments to the church?
Yes. This would be treated as a charitable contribution. This would be another way for the church to gain greater benefit from the solar system while the LLC is in existence.

How much will the church save after the LLC is finished?
The church should save at least $6000 per year. The savings will be greater if PNM power costs go up.

How will the system work?

All major components are manufactured in America.

Who should I contact?

You can contact or speak with one of our Solar Team Members:

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
431 Richmond Pl NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 262-2484